5th Annual Conference Speakers

Medailonek - Vít Rakušan

Vít Rakušan

1st Deputy Prime minister and Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic

Medailonek - Natalia Aristimuños Pérez

Natalia Aristimuños Pérez

Head of the Interoperability unit at DG DIGIT, European Commission

Medailonek - Anna Eriksson

Anna Eriksson

Director General, DIGG, Sweden

Medailonek - Marek Rojíček

Marek Rojíček

President of the Czech Statistical Office, Prague, Czech Republic

Medailonek - Vladimír Dzurilla

Vladimír Dzurilla

Chief Executive Officer for the State Treasury of the Shared Services Center, whose main task is the
provision of ICT services to the state administration and Director of National Agency for Communication and Information Technology, CZ

Medailonek - Johana Šulcová

Johana Šulcová

Editor of the Czech television, reports for broadcast, CZ

Medailonek - Roman Vrba

Roman Vrba

Director of the eGovernment Department, Ministry of the Interior, CZ

Medailonek - Eva Pavlíková

Eva Pavlíková

Co-founder and director of the Czech Republic.Digital community, CZ

Medailonek - Karel Trpkoš

Karel Trpkoš

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, CZ

Medailonek - Michal Pešek

Michal Pešek

Director of the National Registers Authority, CZ

Medailonek - Petr Kuchař

Petr Kuchař

Director of the Chief eGovernemnt Architect Office, Ministry of the Interior, CZ

Medailonek - Lukáš Kolářík

Lukáš Kolářík

Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Interior, CZ

Medailonek - Aleš Gola

Aleš Gola

Head of strategic development and coordination of public administration department, Ministry of the Interior, CZ

Medailonek - Mgr. Hana Baráková

Mgr. Hana Baráková

Director of the communication Department and spokeperson, Financial Administration, CZ

Medailonek - Petr Pavlinec

Petr Pavlinec

Head of the Department of Informatics of the Regional Authority of Vysocina Region, CZ

Medailonek - Michaela Biňovská

Michaela Biňovská

Digital services product manager, National Agency for Communication and Information Technology, CZ

Medailonek - Jitka Coufalová, Ph.D.

Jitka Coufalová, Ph.D.

GeoInfostrategy coordinator, Ministry of the Interior, CZ

Medailonek - Eva Kubátová

Eva Kubátová

Head of the GeoInformatics Unit, Ministry of the Interior, CZ

Medailonek - Jiří Formánek

Jiří Formánek

Head of the Department, Management of the digital map information system of the public administration and Registry of territorial identification, addresses and Real estate, Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre, CZ

Medailonek - Jiří Čtyroký

Jiří Čtyroký

Director of the spatial information section, The Prague Institute of Planning and Development, CZ

Medailonek - Ing. Radek Wildmann

Ing. Radek Wildmann

Project Manager, Ministry of the Defence, CZ

Medailonek - Ing. Kateřina Vrbová, Ph.D.

Ing. Kateřina Vrbová, Ph.D.

Spatial planning Department, Ministry of Regional Department, CZ

Medailonek - Jaromír Talíř

Jaromír Talíř

Member of the management associations´s, CZ.NIC z.s.p.o., CZ

Medailonek - Zdeněk Hřib

Zdeněk Hřib

Mayor of the capital city Prague, CZ

Medailonek -Radmila Velnerová

Radmila Velnerová

Head of the analysis and management support department, Hradec Králové region, CZ

Medailonek - Jan Hošťálek

Jan Hošťálek

Project manager, Information Technology Management, Plzeň city, CZ

Medailonek - Jan Kalina

Jan Kalina

Head of Unit, eGovernment Department, Ministry of the Interior, CZ

Medailonek - Ondřej Nekovář

Ondřej Nekovář

Head of Cyber Security, State Treasury Shared Services

Medailonek - Vladimír Rohel

Vladimír Rohel

Director of Security, NAKIT

Medailonek - Ondřej Neumajer

Ondřej Neumajer

digitization education unit, National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic

Medailonek - Hany Farghali

Hany Farghali

Director, Corporate Communication, CSR & Sponsoring, O2 Czech Republic

Medailonek - Aleš Špidla

Aleš Špidla

honorary chairman of the Czech Institute of Information Security Managers

Medailonek - Julia Szymańska

Julia Szymańska

Be Safe Online

Medailonek - Adam Lebech

Adam Lebech

Deputy Director, Danish Agency for Digital Government

Medailonek - Mstyslav Banik

Mstyslav Banik

Director of eServices Development Directorate, Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Medailonek - Gudrun Stock

Gudrun Stock

Deputy Director-General, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Medailonek - Barry Lowry

Barry Lowry

Government of Ireland CIO, Department of Public Expenditure & Reform

Medailonek - Elena Muñoz

Elena Muñoz

Deputy Director-General for the Advancement on the Digitalization of the Administration, Secretariat-General for Digital Administration, Spain

Medailonek - Piret Urb

Piret Urb

Director of International Relations at the Information System Authority – RIA , Republic of Estonia

Medailonek - Mathias Van Compernolle

Mathias Van Compernolle

Policy advisor at Digitaal Vlaanderen, Belgium

Medailonek - Michal Ohrablo

Michal Ohrablo

Senior Consultant / Program Manager,
Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization, Slovak Republic

Medailonek - Vicky Margariti

Vicky Margariti

Head of eGovernment and Interoperability Unit
Directorate of eGovernment, Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance, Greece

Medailonek - Dario Zoric

Dario Zoric

Regional Digitisation Lead, CEE, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Trade Council, Royal Danish Embassy to the Czech Republic

Medailonek - Andrea Halmos

Andrea Halmos

Policy Officer in the Smart Mobility and Living Unit, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Medailonek - Radka Domanská

Radka Domanská

National Open Data coordinatorm eGovernment Chief Architect Department, Ministry of the Interior

Medailonek - Tomáš Šedivec

Tomáš Šedivec

Head of the Public Information Systems Architecture, Ministry of the Interior
He´s working at the Department of the eGovernment Chief Architect since 2015 and I deal with the architecture of public administration information systems, especially their use of eGovernment central shared services. He is responsible for the National eGovernment Architecture published at https://archi.gov.cz and he´s trying to share and spread eGovernment awareness wherever possible.

Medailonek - Martin Švéda

Martin Švéda

head of private sector regulation unit and and coordinator of the preparations for the NIS2 directive transposition